July 25th, 2003


maybe chads aren't so bad after all

University researchers delivered a serious blow to the current crop of electronic voting systems in an analysis of one such system's source code in which they concluded that a voter could cast unlimited ballots without detection.

Using an earlier version of the source code that powers machines manufactured by Diebold Election Systems, the security experts--three from Johns Hopkins University and a colleague from Rice University--performed an audit and found numerous security holes.

"Our analysis shows that this voting system is far below even the most minimal security standards applicable in other contexts," said the researchers in a paper published Wednesday on the Internet, concluding that "as a society, we must carefully consider the risks inherent in electronic voting, as it places our very democracy at risk."

The criticisms echo a fundamental issue that many security researchers have raised with most current systems: There is no way to verify that a vote was correctly recorded and no permanent record is kept. - [Full story]
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AOL blogs

As some of you might know, AOL has been working on adding a blog service for it's users. Recently-ish they invited some "blog veterans" to take a peek at what they've done and the replies were good. Here are some screenshots of the blog service in action; setting up the journal, editing entries and such. One tester, Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine.com, has an account up and live. The blog/journal wouldn't look so bad if it weren't for the various AOL branding on the page. It's certainly not good enough to replace my LJ account though. *sends virtual hugs to the Chef server cluster*