August 26th, 2003


*swoons over Aragorn*

My mother, bless her heart, got me "LOTR: The Two Towers" today. She'd gone to visit my aunt this morning and both headed to Wal-Mart to get the DVD. Originally, both picked up the widescreen format but then my cousin called and asked my aunt to pick her and her BF up a copy if she would and told her to get the full format. So my aunt does and then my mom does the same. Argh! Anyway, my mom brings it home, shows me the DVD and then I patiently explained why widescreen is much better. I even gave her a demonstration using "Forbidden Planet" which has both formats. I pointed out the things that got chopped off. So, she headed back to get the widescreen format. No, she didn't go for that alone, she did some shopping too.
  • Current Music: Inaya Day - "Movin' Up [Mindtrap Barry Harris Re-edit]"