August 29th, 2003


news from dad

My mom's aunt Lupe had called my aunt Josie and during the conversation mentioned she had seen my father at the doctor's office. That was news to me. Then I thought maybe he was there because he takes his brother to the doctor for my uncle's chemo and doctor visits. But then maybe not. So I called my dad today but my step-mother said he was in the shower. I said I'd call back but she laughed and said "you know your father when he's in the shower." By that she meant he's in the shower so long he himself could start a state-wide water shortage. So, he called me back. It turns out he was at the doctor's office for follow-up on having some cysts removed from his back. No signs of cancer luckily. I had completely forgot about him having those removed. He told my uncle wasn't feeling that great this week from the chemo but that comes and goes. My dad and step-mum were pet sitting for next-door neighbors who've been moving out their things when they get the chance. Today the neightbors picked up the dogs, parakeet, dove, and chickens! I didn't think you could have live fowl in the city limits. But my dad said that there's a house in the cul-de-sac behind and to the side of his house that also has chickens as well. We didn't talk too long because he need to call my uncle again, and, neither of us is much for talking on the phone.
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