September 11th, 2003


for dinner last night...

Took out some chicken breast from the freezer last night to thaw. I figured I'd sprinkle on some "Italian Herb" mix and bake them. Only I discovered right before I was about to cook them I didn't have any mix. I had forgotten that I had thrown out the previous one because I had it for too long and it lost it's potency. So, I threw together something with the dried herbs I had onhand: basil, oregano, sage, garlic and onion. I mixed them together with some butter into a paste and stuffed the paste under the chicken skin then baked at 375°F. It came out ok but I had forgotten to put any salt and went a bit overboard with the sage. If my mind had working correctly I would have remembered I have a rosemary bush out front. *slaps forehead* I tend to forget it's there. Anyway, the chicken was served with some chicken StoveTop stuffing (hey, it not that bad) and garlic & herb bread.
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