October 17th, 2003


on the series that could have been

By Jim Caple - We could be watching the Red Sox end the 85-year-old Curse of the Bambino to win their first World Series since World War I. We could be watching the Cubs end the Billy Goat curse by playing in their first World Series since World War II and try to win their first championship since 1908. Instead, we'll see an expansion team that has been there twice since 1997 and the team that has been to the World Series so many times they ought to include it in their pocket schedule.

We could be watching fans sitting atop the Green Monster and atop the Wrigleyville rooftops. We could be watching Oprah and Michael Jordan singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame.'' We could be watching Sammy race out into right field and Pedro walking out to the mound.

Instead we'll watch the @#$@#**!!! Yankees play the Marlins. Assuming we watch at all.

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Personally, once the A's and Giants lost their series my interest in the playoffs became almost non-existent.
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So, I've got a papercut on the knuckle of my thumb and every time I bend it the wound reopens. *sigh* I've heard a daub of Super Glue would keep it sealed but I don't have any that isn't all dried up. Sort of like Joan River's face. :o)

In other news, I've changed my journal's style & color scheme.
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