October 23rd, 2003


Cho on being bra-less

"Bras don't make me feel good. They hurt my back, and I could care less about where my breasts are as long they are still on my body. I am not going to go jogging anywhere, nor do I have a set of lingerie that matches because who has the time to wash that shit separately or put anything in a fishnet bag before you do - and I am sorry, I just do not care about gravity. Mind your own chest. For some reason, my lack of support for support, makes people really nervous. I think that there is something about bralessness that is too free, too overtly sexual, too bawdy, too loose - so that it makes people stare and stammer. It isn't my intention at all to be any of these things, nor do I care if that is what people think that I am doing. Since I am not a dancer with a bony seat and no balcony, the boyish girls who can 'get away' with not wearing a bra because they are not guilty of fleshy 'excess,' and I am neither ashamed nor am I judgemental about the aforementioned 'excess,' considering it less excess and more an extravagance of nature, and something to be celebrated rather than hidden. My lawless braless ways are rather outlaw." - [Full post]
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