October 27th, 2003

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gay marriages to be a Republican major campaign issue

WASHINGTON - Republican lawmakers and conservative activists are making plans to turn gay marriage into a major issue in next year's elections, with some Christian groups saying that banning same-sex unions is a higher priority for them than restricting abortion.

Party strategists said the issue could be a bonanza for mobilizing conservatives to fund campaigns and turn out to vote, particularly in the South. Conservative groups said they plan to challenge candidates to sign a pledge in support of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Politicians in both parties are beginning to see gay marriage as a potentially key issue.

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so that's what it was...

I saw the commercial for Holland America Cruise Lines for the billionth time (yes, an exageration) today. I've loved the song in the background but I never knew what it was until tonight. I found out from a random blog entry the song is "Edge of the Ocean" by Ivy. Minutes later I downloaded it and happiness ensued.
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