October 31st, 2003


Halloween and the weather

Well, yesterday (the 30th) was trick or treating night here in Barstow. Yes, it's done the day before Halloween. This year though the number of kids out scoring candy was just a fraction of the usual number. Perhaps some thought it was cancelled. That's been done before when the weather has been really nasty. Did I hand out candy? No. First we don't get kids here, we get mo'thugs. 15-16 yr olds, not in costume, running in packs with attitudes. I ain't giving them candy. Yes, I had some just in case but now I can keep it for myself. *resists urge to do a Duffy Duck's "It's MINE! MINE! ALL MINE!" speech* So, I ended up with the lights out except for a few candles and watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show once followed by mowing-down some Stroggos in Quake2.

On Halloween itself is the Mardi Gras parade on Main Street. It features local school bands, community floats, kids from local sporting teams, people on horses, the Shriners in the go-karts. Oh, and some military personnel in vehicles. Mind you, we have two military bases nearby. This year though the parade was cancelled as well as school on Thursday and Friday. As you can guess the kids were heartbroken. ;o)

The temperature dropped a lot lower than it has been recently. Cold enough that last night I had to use a comforter to keep myself nice and toasty. Nowhere near cold enough to use the heater though.
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