November 1st, 2003


I want to be blacklisted too :o)

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Most blacklists are designed to intimidate. But thousands of Americans are clamoring to join one drawn up by the National Rifle Association.

Actor Dustin Hoffman was so dismayed to find his name missing from the NRA's shadowy 19-page list of U.S. companies, celebrities, and news organizations seen as lending support to anti-gun policies that he wrote to the powerful pro-gun lobby group begging to be included.

"As a supporter of comprehensive anti-gun safety measures, I was deeply disappointed when I discovered my name was not on the list," Hoffman wrote in a letter to the NRA that was released on Tuesday.

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Sometime early in the morning we got a light rain here. Though I was up I didn't hear anything since I was listening to music via headphones. The smell was incredible after all that smoke we had earlier this week.

When I first laid down to go to sleep I coughed. A few minutes later I coughed more. That kept going on until I thought I was going to cough my lungs out. After I scrounged around a bit I found cough syrup that expired today. I took it anyway. By the time I woke up the cough was gone, so, yay!

After I woke up I watched some college football. I flipped between the USC vs. Washington State and the Miami vs. Virginia Tech games. Both were enjoyable. Later was "Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within" on the Sci-Fi Channel.
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