December 21st, 2003


shopping, football, and misc.

Friday: Went shopping in Victorville with my mom. First to the Mall which was busy but not overly like I thought it would be. Travelled the length of it picking up things for Xmas and my cousin's birthday. We left the Mall and headed to Best Buy close by. Picked up a gift for my uncle and was asked by my mother what I wanted for Xmas since I hadn't mentioned anything yet. I thought of two things: a DVD burner or a digital camera. The more I thought about the burner the more I realized I really didn't have a use for it. So, a camera it was and I found a 3.2 megapixel one from Sony I liked, however, after showing my mom the one I liked she decided to get me a 5 megapixel one. Sweet! Oh sure, it was way more than I wanted her to spend on me but this year, and only this year probably, there was a little extra to spend for the holidays. From there was to Jack-In-The-Box nearby for lunch. I ordered 2 Jumbo Jacks, large fries and a large drink. I only ate one Jumbo Jack though, I saved the other one for Saturday. My sister had email us pictures the day before which my mom wanted to print out but my good printer is dead which leaves me with my dot-matrix one from 1987. Eww. Anyway, my mom decided to buy herself one so we headed back to Best Buy. She found a printer she liked so she got it along with photo quality paper and 3 ink cartridges, one of which was rebated down to being free. I decided to pick a DVD (28 Days Later) and a CD (Fragma's "Embrace"). By then it was 2pm so we ended going home instead of stopping at Costco first.

Got home and unloaded everything. I peeked though the paperwork for the camera but it got wrapped up later that night. It was my cousin Lisa's birthday so ended up going to my aunt and uncle's house for her b-day dinner: beef enchiladas, rice and beans. Very nummy! Then was opening her presents and thankfully she liked the sweater I picked out. Cake and ice cream was next. Then time to go home.

Saturday & Sunday: That would be watching NFL football of course. I was very surprise and happy that the 49ers beat the Eagles. I almost didn't record the game because I was so convinced they'd lose. Glad I was wrong.

Monday (tomorrow): I'm going with family to Ontario Mills (about an hour's drive away) to watch The Return of the King. Taking the advice I've read so far I'm going to make sure I eat and pee beforehand so I don't miss a thing. :o)
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