December 22nd, 2003


I <3 Hobbitses

Woke up at 7:30am and jumped into the shower to get ready to head to the movies. Had a Hot Pocket to eat otherwise I'd probably would get car sick on the way. My cousin, her son and my uncle picked me up just after 9am for the trip to Ontario Mills. The screening room for The Return of the King had a big screen and stadium/amphitheater seating. There was maybe 2 dozen people there -- not surprising considering it was the early 10:30am matinee. I loved the movie! I can't wait to get the extended edition of it next year. We headed into the mall proper to look at shoes, gassed up the car at Costco across the street then headed homeward. We stopped in Victorville though to eat at Applebees where I had the Honey BBQ grilled chicken sandwich. Very good stuff. I ended up getting home around 5pm. All in all a good day.
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    Ian van Dahl - "Will I [Lange Remix]"