January 3rd, 2004


a little of dis, a little of dat

I went with Daria as a marathon on NYE. I watched most of four 6-hour videotapes worth of episodes. I got a call just after 9pm (Pacific zone) that evening from my nephew in Georgia wishing me a happy New Years then handed off the phone to my sister. Talked for a little while with her then passed the phone off to my mother.

I've been putting off returning some clothes I got for Christmas. One pair of pants is a tad too short, another one too long. One sweater I got was a bit tight in the shoulders and too long in the sleeves. Just the tips of my middle three fingers show.

I've been listening to a lot of The Cure and Violent Femmes tunes today. A refreshing change from my usual trance/techno.

Though the Cowboys have been superceded by the Rams as the major rival to the 49ers, I'm still glad their asses got booted from the playoffs. :o)
  • Current Music: Violent Femmes - "Kiss Off"