January 7th, 2004

Big Gay Vince, bastard, Southpark me

a bit of shopping and a little bit of nelliness

I took back one of the pants I got as a present, the too short one. I kept the other one because I figure since they weren't pre-shrunken they'd probably end up just about the right length once washed. I bought the Age of Mythology expansion pack: The Titans which I spent most of last night playing. I also bought the Not Another Teen Movie DVD. Half the time I was laughing at the movie, the other half I was sort of remembering back to my teenage years. Hmm, I need to get the soundtrack from that movie. I had also looked for the widescreen edition of S.W.A.T. but couldn't find it. I got a call from my mother today though while she was at Wal-Mart saying she found it there so she picked it up for me.

I got a call from my friend J in the afternoon on his drive home filling me in on the latest drama up north. I'll say it again, while usually in life I'm a pretty quiet guy neither too femme nor butch, when he and I talk we turn into the loudest nelliest queens out there. Every other word is "girlfriend", "fish" or "whatever!". Neither he nor I are like that otherwise so I wonder why we do that when we talk?
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dark phoenix, righteous babe, consume the universe

quick question...

Today I mowed down some people via Quake 2 and listened to a Marilyn Manson song. Doesn't this mean I'm supposed to go out on a shooting spree or something? Because, really, I'm not really feeling it right now.
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    Marilyn Manson - "Tainted Love"