January 23rd, 2004


of mice and shoes

I finally went shopping for two things I've been needed to get. My right shoe had developed this condition where half the time I walked I'd get this odd sucking sound. It was very annoying but I kept pushing off getting a new pair. No more. Now, I've always been a Payless Shoe or Wal-Mart guy when it comes to getting shoes but this time I decided to head to the Reebox Outlet and spend some extra dough on some walking shoes. Yes, the pair I got was about $30 more than I would normally spend but I have a feeling these will last longer.

Once upon a time I'd go weeks without having to clean the ball on the underside of my mouse. Lately though I've been having to clean it every three days or so. I have no clue where it's getting all the crap in there but there it is. Time to get a new one, in particular, a optical one with a scroll-wheely thing. Since I was spending dough I might as well get a cordless one too. So, I bought a Logitech one which worked the moment I plugged it into my machine, sans installing drivers. I'm really loving it though it's far more sensitive to movement than my old one. I've already adapted to it mostly though with one exception: playing Quake. The problem is when I try to turn around I do it in a blink of an eye. Now, this might become useful eventually but I still haven't gotten used to it yet.
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