February 4th, 2004


toilet problem and my sign

Well, the toilet broke down today. Specifically, the part in the tank where the water spews out didn't work. Instead there was water dripping out a part where it shouldn't. Called the rental office and they sent out some very quickly. A maintenance guy I've seen before and a new apprentice. The simply replaced the parts and everything worked fine in no time. Which was good because I really need to use it again. ;o)

Though I've been told quite a few times I can never remember my Chinese astrological sign. This page says I'm a Coc... um, Rooster. Clicking on the sign name gives a general description of the type which is mostly true for me even the conscious about clothing and appearance bit. Even if I'm dressed in jeans and a t-shirt (my usual attire) I'll still poke and prod myself wondering if I look ok. Maybe I'm just neurotic. ;o)

So, I'm a Rooster/Scorpio combo? Sounds very odd. Oh, and according to that page I'm most compatible with a Snake. Why doesn't that surprise me at all?
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