February 8th, 2004



from Alton Brown's rants & raves...

Although Georgia State School Superintendent Kathy Cox has decided not to go forward with her plan to replace the word “evolution” with “changes occurring over time” in the school curriculum, rumor has it that several other changes meant to eradicate “inflammatory buzzwords” are in the works.

For instance, in the near future “racism” will be referred to as “that uncomfortable skin color problem”. “Premarital sex” will be called “that bad, bad thing you mustn’t do”, and in geography classes all references to France will be replaced with: “Renault-land”.

And of course since many conservative Southerners call lunch “dinner” all school cafeterias will be renamed “mid-day meal replacement centers”.

As John Mellencamp sings: It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.
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