February 12th, 2004


must have gotten directions from Bugs Bunny

LOS BANOS – Authorities tried to determine Monday how a sea lion turned up in the San Joaquin Valley – some 65 miles from the ocean.

The 300-pound animal was reported "crawling in the middle of the road" in Merced County northeast of Los Banos at about 7 a.m., said California Highway Patrol officer Scott Jobinger.

A county road was closed for a time Monday while authorities waited for marine biologists and animal control, Jobinger said.

"We're just trying to find out where this sea lion came from. It doesn't appear to be injured. It just appears to be out on a stroll in the Central Valley for some reason," Jobinger said. "We're thinking maybe somebody dropped it, but there are also a lot of canals in that area."

Jobinger hypothesized that the animal could have swam up a river from the ocean and made its way to Los Banos via a canal, explaining that the nearest waterway that empties into the ocean cuts through San Joaquin County. - Associated Press

I'm from Merced originally and have been in Los Banos, and all I can say is "Los Banos?!" Dude, it dullsville. Stick to the shore and head up to SF's Pier 39.
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