March 2nd, 2004


voting, interpreting, & battery changes

Welp, I did my civic duty and voted. Last November we were switched to an optical ballot from the previously maligned chad one. Now we've got touch-screen machines, which as an ease-of-use device worked smoothly and quickly. It took less than a minute to cast and recheck my vote. I don't trust them though without a paper trail. I may switch to absentee voting.

Work on the intepreter grinds on. I'm getting to that dangerous period where I typically put a project on the backburner in favor of another project and then promptly forget about the first one completely. Anyhow, the stack type can be initialized to any size and the elements of which can be directly read or changed. In short, they work also as arrays now. I spend most of yesterday getting the IO routines added and started a bit on documentation before my eyes started to glaze over. Didn't work on it at all today.

I had to change the batteries in my cordless mouse. That's just two weeks they worked, the previous pair the same length. I won't mention the blurb on the mouse box which states that the power management features would ensure that batteries would work for months. Damn mouse companies must be getting kickbacks from battery making companies. Grrr
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