March 4th, 2004

dark phoenix, righteous babe, consume the universe

distrubing dream

Lots of disturbing parts to last night's dream. Some of the things:

1. Self-cannibalism. I was cutting chunks out of my own body and frying them up on a George Foreman grill. This wasn't some sanitized act. It was damned bloody.

2. Terrorist. As in, I was. I had these thin hockey puck bomb objects I used to plant at various places at a college university. I was still setting some bombs while the first one went off. I can't remember why I did it though. I remember seeing students looking out of classroom windows and they seemed pretty ordinary.

3. I was in pursuit of a goal but these monsters were in my way. There was a way around them but doing so would let them have access to a group of unprotected, unsuspecting people. I chose going around the monsters and the people were slaughtered.
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