March 6th, 2004



I got maybe three hours of sleep and once up couldn't go back to bed. While laundry was being washed I gave myself a haircut, cleaned up the mess then showered. Went down my aunt and uncle's house to talk until my aunt had to go to jury duty. From there I went two houses down to friends of the family whose computer had a problem. Their volume control icon on the taskbar had disappeared. After a bit of investigating I found out somehow in the audio properties dialog box the preferred playback device was set to none.

Wal*Mart was the next stop where I bought three DVDs: Blade, Underworld, and Pirates of the Caribbean. After that was to Vons (grocery store) where I hadn't been since the beginning of the strike. Unfortunately, the deli section was still down therefore I couldn't get my chicken I've been craving, so, off a block down to Jack-In-The-Box for lunch.

A little after 1pm I got sleepy, so I napped until about 5pm. I started watching the DVDs except for a break at 8pm-9pm to watch a double dose of Reba.
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the Junk Science Administration

...As a favor to utility and coal industries, America's largest mercury dischargers, the EPA sat for nine months on a report exposing the catastrophic impact on children's health of mercury, finally releasing it in February 2003. Among the findings of the report: The bloodstream of one in twelve US women is saturated with enough mercury to cause neurological damage, permanent IQ loss and a grim inventory of other diseases in their unborn children.

...But suppressing or altering science can be a tricky business; the Bush Administration has found it easier at times simply to arrange to get the results it wants. A case in point is the decision in July by the EPA's regional office overseeing the western Everglades to accept a study financed predominantly by developers, which concludes that wetlands discharge more pollutants than they absorb. There was no peer review or public comment. With its approval, the EPA is giving developers credit for improving water quality by replacing natural wetlands with golf courses and other developments. -- Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

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*chants* Eight more months. Just eight more months.
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