March 15th, 2004



Nothing much exciting happening today. I had beef tacos for dinner. There's a mountain of dirty dishes to wash that I'm doing my best to ignore. I think I'll just let them accumulate until they collapse from their own gravity. This apartment could use a singularity.

Tracked down and fixed a bug in the program I'm writing with L. It'd been bothering me for days because I just couldn't see it, but as you might expect it was right in front of my face.

After completely forgetting about the interpreter I'm working on (like I told ya'll I would *sigh*) I unmothballed it. I finally got the while/wend control structure up and working. Most of today was spent trying to get user-declared functions working right. Things were going good until I tried cleaning up code on grabbing the optional parameters and then I did something to screw it up. For some reason now when a function gets called it's acting as if it's hitting a continuos loop but there aren't any in that part of the code and for the life of me I can't figure out where that's coming from. Worse, I forgot to backup the program before I started modifying it. me=stupid
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