March 23rd, 2004



Today is my dad's birthday, his 61st. I tried calling him around 4:40pm but I got the answering machine. I left a message I'd call back. My sister called here alter and said she's just spoken to dad. One of the things they talked about were some of the nicknames we had as kids given to us by adults. They could remember which one of myself or sister was "tumbleweed" and which was "pumpkinseed". I said I was the tumbleweed. Those particular names came from Jimbo, a honest-to-god Okie, friend and co-worker of my dad. She had a question for my mom so I passed the phone over and they gabbed for the longest time. When they hung up my mom went to my aunt's house.

I figured to call my dad again, but then I came up with a solution to a problem I had working on the interpreter, so, off I was to do that. Now, I said, I'll call dad only to hear the phone ring. It was Jesse and he just wanted to gab, so we did about the usual things: dishing on celebs, insulting our friends, insulting each other. Our typical fun. It was 8pm by the time we'd finished. I immediately called dad.

He was just starting to fall asleep when I called. He told me how the day went and talked about the trip he and the step-mother are taking to visit my sister, by car, in April. Well, they're going first to Illinois were my step-mother is from, and most of her family is still there. Then off to Georgia to see my sis. Since there are some strange liquor laws in Georgia (and Southern Baptists, like my sis, eschew liquor) I told my sis I'd send a crate of booze for Dad when he visits. I know if she'd been standing next to me she'd have kneed me in the groin. heh
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