March 24th, 2004


coolers and the interpreter

Yesterday, finally, after a long period of summer-like weather our coolers were hooked up. By that I mean the covers were taken off, pads replaced, water turned on and checked. And this all happened just in time... for the weather to drop back into the 80°s. Meh! The day before it was 95° outside and 85° inside.

Made some progress on the interpreter. I said earlier stacks could be used like arrays. And while you could build multidimensional arrays you couldn't access anything beyond the first index. It took a bit of recursive calls but now one can index down to one's heart's content. I also got structures working. Simple structures though. No structures within structures. I contemplated doing classes but then I thought about how'd I'd have to handle inheritances and dropped the idea completely. I'm coming to the conclusion I can't go much further than this without a complete rework of the way I store variable and control structure information. Which I'm not quite willing to do yet.
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