April 7th, 2004


Texas Republican House candidate, and one-time crossdresser, defies party

"Walls, 64, is in a runoff against Burleson, Texas, real estate broker Rob Orr to succeed conservative icon Arlene Wohlgemuth in the Texas Legislature. As a leading businessman, former Republican Party chairman and major hospital benefactor, Walls seemed the odds-on favorite to win the April 13 contest for House District 58.

But then pictures of Walls in women’s clothing - several of which were provided to the “Fort Worth Star-Telegram” - began circulating late last week around Burleson and Cleburne, rival towns on opposite ends of the district.

That's when several Republicans, including the head of the Johnson County Republican Party, confronted Walls and urged him to withdraw.

But Walls dug in his heels."

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Here's Wall's website and picture. Go ahead and imagine him in women's clothing. *doesn't know whether to laugh or shudder*
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