May 7th, 2004

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I hate being sick

So there's this bug that'd been going around my family and it appeared that it would pass me by. Then I stupidly said to someone "Better you than me" about getting sick and lo, the next day, started the symptoms. Monday was the worst day. I was truly flattened and spent 21 hours asleep in bed. Right now I still have a cough, which isn't bad at all except for when I first wake up from sleep. That's when I cough like a 70 yr old smoker with emphysema. But after that initial cough-fest I'm pretty good the rest of the day.
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    Ian Van Dahl - "Will I?"
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quote of the day

"Christians... Can't live with them; Can't throw them to the lions like we used to." from gibsonian

Well of course that's not serious! It's a horrible idea. *ponders* Unless we supply the lions with a good steak sauce that is. ;o)