May 9th, 2004



Took a quick trip to WalMart this morning. While there I picked up some lemon thyme and rosemary to plant outside. The rosemary because I'm still in shock over my truncated one. Plus, I love the scent of rosemary. The thyme because I've yet to get it to grow outside and last more than a few months. I'm going to keep trying until I succeed. I also picked up Forces of Nature out of the DVD bargain bin. Yeah, it's not Oscar-quality (then again, I think most Oscar movies suck) but it does have Ben Affleck in it, and ya'll know I'm a slave to him... eh... nevermind what I was going to say next. I try to keep this a family-safe journal. ;o)

Later today will be dinner down my aunt's and uncle's house. It'll be sort of a mini-Thanksgiving dinner with ham and a small turkey.
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cute birdie

I'm used to seeing birds down my aunt's house. Under the big tree in the front yard area she has a bird bath. A little further from that up on a branch is a large bird feeder. There's always some birds in the feeder picking seed. There's more birds on the ground picking at the seed that birds in the feeder knocked down. Today though it was pointed out to me a hummingbird nest on a limb just a few feet from the front door. When I first saw the nest and bird I honestly thought it was a plastic fake, until I saw her move. The hummingbird seemed very shy when there were lots of other birds around and flew off into the higher branches as if to hide herself for a bit, then returned to her nest. Still, she was interesting to watch as we sat outside talking on the nice breezy day.
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