May 12th, 2004


I couldn't do this, not even for just an hour

Looking for a challenge and a little affirmation, Oliver Griswold tests his die-hard liberal beliefs and goes on an all-conservative-media diet for one month. Life on the Right side of the dial doesn’t turn out the way he expected.


"I sincerely hoped the project would offer an ideological crisis point somewhere along the line. Maybe a switcheroo on a major issue or two, maybe even a total conversion. I didn’t begin the month thinking that way. But once I started, there were days when I pushed myself to agree with as much as I could. One rainy day in the middle of March, I actually said ‘Damn straight!’ to every single point made by the Right, just to see what it was like. I almost had to wash my mouth out with soap. I wanted to assure myself that I’m not simply the same kind of mouthpiece that I accuse Rush and Co. of being – or that my mind is still capable of change. But I didn’t find enough optimism to hang my hat on, and the Right’s vitriol, aimed at both their ideological foes and the historically oppressed, served either to depress or anger me. They just don’t put out any welcome mats for the broad-minded."

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