May 14th, 2004


coding, spending with family, and a new DVD

After making those initial changes I mentioned in the last post I took a break and went online for a bit. I got to talk with her mokieness for a while, which is always a good thing. I surfed a round a little while longer then went back to work making the same changes in the other 3 sections of the program. I ran the program many times looking for bugs and found one in a warning from Windows that I was running low on Virtual Memory. Meaning: I've got a memory leak somewhere. I'm pretty sure it's in the supporting characters section but I can't find where it's not freeing the memory I'd allocated.

For dinner was pepperoni pizza which I munched heavy on as I hadn't had any in a long time. From there was down to my aunt and uncle's to spend time with my cousin before he headed back to Germany (this morning). We were outside when talking, my cousin telling a slew of jokes, including lots of blonde jokes.

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While everyone was sitting I was standing. I looked around for that hummingbird's nest and found out that I was standing right under it, no more than a foot about my head. We left around 10:30pm and took a quick trip down to WalMart to pick up a copy of Scary Movie 3 which I'm watching right now. Good sh*t! Once it finishes I'll get back to tracking the memory leak.
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