May 16th, 2004


Eurovision 2004

Something I'd like to see broadcasted here in the States is the Eurovision contest. Every year someone on my friends list gives a run-down of the contestants. This year, the_metatron was the one. The website gives just enough photos to put a face on the songs which I've been downloading since this afternoon. I won't download all of them of course, just the songs that sounded interesting in the clips from the website. The three I liked the best are: Ruslana Lyzhicko (Ukraine, the winner and best IMHO), Ramón del Castillo (Spain); and Željko Joksimović (Serbia-Montenegro.)

The best-looking one of the bunch I think is Greece's Sakis Rouvas. Hubba hubba! :o)
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    Ramón del Castillo - "Para Llenarme De Ti"