May 24th, 2004


fish, cops and giving up

I haven't felt like updating lately. I get like that at times. Hearing about mokie getting fishies for the pond has gotten me thinking about starting up my aquarium again. And then I slapped myself silly. Yeah, the "silly" is rather redundant.

Yesterday when I got out of the bathroom and back to my computer I saw out the window three police cars parked outside. I know they weren't here for me. Angie in #4 would need the paramedics, not cops. #1 is empty and the neighbors in #2 left hours ago, so, who were they here for? Turns out they were in the adjacent apartments. Nobody got arrested so I haven't the foggiest what happened. If I were the nosey type I'd gone out and asked, but I'm not. Ok, I am but I was feeling too lazy. :oP

Still haven't found out why I'm getting the error in the program. I've check up and down all around but nada. If I don't find it by tomorrow I'm scrapping it all and going back to the last backup to start over.
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