May 25th, 2004


problem found and fixed

So, L comes over to talk about the program and I show him the errors I was getting. He decides to throw out all kinds of ideas why the error is occurring except they all have nothing to do what-so-ever with the type of error. Then he threw out an idea I was about to say again "no, that's not it" but then I paused and thought about it a bit. It made me think maybe I was looking at the wrong area. So, I added a slew of ShowMessage()s to trace/bracket the problem but all the messages showed, meaning, that wasn't where I was getting the problem. So, I kept moving on and eventually pinned it down to the new code I had added to detect errors when reading in sections of the user's file. Actually, there were two separate errors there I had to fix and once I did everything worked like a charm. Now, back to modifying print output...
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