May 29th, 2004


a bit of shopping

I took a trip to Victorville yesterday with my mom to do a bit of shopping. After putting it off for a while I took in my TV to BestBuy to get it fixed. I got tired of swapping cables from my VCR and DVD players. I waited so long because I was sure it'd have to be sent away, and it will for up to a month at the longest. My mom had been thinking of getting a 20" TV for her room and ended up buying one, letting me use it until I get mine back. While at BestBuy I also got a DVD, the original Godzilla: King of the Monsters, as well as a CD, Ministry of Sound: The Annual 2004. The latter being the U.S. version as I've come to find out there are at least three other country-specific versions. After BestBuy we headed a few buildings down to Jack-In-The-Box for lunch and from there to Lowes. I don't know how long we were there just wandering up and down the aisles until heading out to the garden section where I picked up two herb plants: variegated oregano and pineapple sage. The trip back was uneventful.

An interesting thing is that my favorite song off the CD, Ashiva's "Sunrise", is not on the other versions. I do want to get the UK version as well but the import price has put me off for now.
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When my dad had visited my sister about a month ago he promised to send my sister some documents he still had there at his house including a copy of her birth certificate and other things like the certificates of her Baptism and First Communion. Well, today I got a manila-ish folder in the mail with my documents as well. I don't need any of them but I'll put them away for safe keeping.
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