June 8th, 2004


just noticed I haven't posted in ages

29th-31st: My mom's cousin and her husband stopped by here in Barstow on their way to visit their daughter in North Carolina. I hadn't seen either of them since my grandpa's funeral several years ago. On Memorial day we had a big-ass BBQ (in terms of quantity of food) and watched the Lakers/Timberwolves game.

2nd: L came over so I could show him how to create links in the Windows Help file we've created for our program. Being somewhat of a control freak I'd rather do any changes myself, however, they way he changes his mind so frequently he now can do all the work on that subject. One less job for me. :o)

3rd: Got a call from the repair center where my TV was sent to and a guy had to ask me what the problem was with it. Um, shouldn't have that been on the work order? Plus, I had a hard time understanding him because it was obvious English wasn't this man's first language. I dare say it wasn't his 2nd or 3rd either.

I also got a call that evening from Jesse. I had called him a few days before but forgot that he and his bf Mike had gone to Phoenix to visit Mike's family for a week.

5th: BestBuy called to say the TV was in the store and ready to be picked up. It's now sitting the in the living room in its box. I'm still using my mom's new TV since she still hasn't cleared a space to put it at yet.

In other news: I'm working on a different journal style. I've been watching too much HGTV lately. J Lo married Marc Anthony days after his divorce was finalized. I can honestly say I believe they deserve each other.
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