June 13th, 2004


phone line probs

I've been pretty much Net-less for the last 36 hours. It started last Friday when I tried to log on and was told by AOL that there was no dial tone. Sure enough, I picked up the phone and was met with dead silence. A few hours later everything was back to normal. Well, this Friday the same happened except it also went dead around 10pm as well. When I woke up on Saturday things appeared fine but by 1pm my mom, who was playing an online game, told me she got booted offline. I checked the phone and this time instead of silence there was a loud static-y noise coming out of the phone. It just now went back to normal. My mom ran into a woman who lives nearby and she said she had the same problem last week. My cousin and a friend of the family said it happened to them but for them it was just a brief problem. The friend said he heard a message said there were technical difficulties but I haven't heard anything of the sort. I swear, I was going through severe withdrawals today. I'd see something on TV that looked interesting and I immediately tried to go online to get more details only to be greeted by the static. Here's hoping things stabilize soon.
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Big Gay Vince, bastard, Southpark me

Sims revival

I had pretty much left the Sims behind for the simple reason that I'm a huge control freak and the Sims doesn't really give you much God-like control over the creation of your characters. I had learned to hack objects so I could modify a few things like mood indicators and skill levels but never Sim character relationships. I thought about writing my own utility to let me do that but the info I've found on IFF and other file formats has been spotty at best. Now, I had downloaded SimEnhancer before because it lets you do those things that I wanted to do but I decided at the time not to buy it (read: me=cheap bastard.) Well, I just did and now I'm modifying everything to my little heart's content. And yes, all Townies have been changed to "hot looking" because, well, I'm shallow like that. Hey, at least I've left some females in the game. ;o)
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