June 17th, 2004


rambling on about today

Woke up this morning and got ready for a visit by L for us to synchronize our program changes (from me, program code; from him, text and help file changes.) He came over and talked about something on the print output he wanted to change and I fixed that, sort of. He gave me a ride to Rite-Aid so I could pick up a Father's Day card for my dad. I got a few calls later on from L saying he was getting an odd error message but I couldn't replicate it on my copy and when he tried again he didn't get it again.

My sister called a bit later since we hadn't talked for a while. She mentioned she had read this journal, so, this following message is for her: Hey Steph, Reagan sucked! ;o) We talked about family going ons and my mom's impending trip to visit her next month. Anyway, when we started to make our goodbyes I saw out the window that the mailman was driving up in his truck and I still had my dad's card in the bag. Eep!

I made a hasty goodbye and signed, sealed and addressed that card quickly; but I still would have missed the mailman if it weren't for his having problems closing the mailbox panel. I went out there to hand the card to him when I realized it was someone new. Someone young. Someone hot with a killer smile and sexy smelling cologne. In short, he made me tingle in that special area. Ok, pretend you didn't read that last sentence.

Later on, my friend Jesse called and let me know how that get-together of friends at his place to watch a movie went. All went well. And he's still trying to play matchmaker for me. :o/

For dinner was tuna casserole which I love. While eating a second helping of it someone rang the doorbell. It was a young woman asking if I had seen her kitten wandering around. I remarked how there's a lot of cats roaming around. She gestured to give me an idea of the size of the kitten and told me it was a white kitty with very beautiful blue eyes. I told her I'd keep an eye out for it. She said she live in the apartments on the other side of the south alley. I asked for her apartment number just in case I did find the little fellow. I was sort of in pro-kitty mood since I had read this post just before I had started to eat dinner.
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