June 22nd, 2004


new toy for my mom

Today was my mom's 20th anniversary where she works. A few months ago the company had sent her a small catalog of stuff she could pick from as a gift. Most of the stuff was tacky or useless (unless my mom really wanted an inflatable kayak.) The choice came down between a VCR/DVD combo player or a digital camera. We've got 3 VCRs and 2 DVD players so another wasn't needed. True, I have a digital camera but I have a problem with sharing. Mine!! ...shut up Steph. ;o)

Anyway, it arrived today where she works. When she got home I had to install the driver (she's using Win98) and the included software then registered it online. On my WinXP machine, just like with my camera, I can plug the connector from her camera into a USB port and the memory stick shows up as a removable hard drive. Just copy and paste, no software needed.
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