July 10th, 2004


paramedics and old herbs

Early in the afternoon while on the computer I heard a heavy vehicle drive up. I was going to ignore it but looked anyway and saw it was a paramedic truck. Hearing them enter the gate I jogged into the living room and peeked out the window to see which apartment (2 or 3) was their target. No one went upstairs so that meant #2. I heard another heavy vehicle arrive which turned out to be an ambulance. Whatever the problem was it didn't seem serious considering the two pushing the stretcher were smiling and joking around. Several minutes later they wheeled out the guy who lives there. I don't know anything about him, only that he moved in with the woman who lives there not long after she moved in. Whether he's a brother, boyfriend, or just a friend I have no idea.

For dinner I was going make tortilla soup but while trying to find where I put the cumin I realized there was a lot of old herbs and spices. So, I pulled them all out and ended up throwing away over a half of them. There were these two bottles of garlic salt (something I never use now) way in the back I swear were there when my sister moved out 12 years ago.
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