July 20th, 2004


still alive

Tonight, just like 2 nights ago and the night before that has the scent from the fires out west arrived here in town and being pumped in the apartment by the cooler. Ick.

The guy moving into #1 starting unloading a few things today although every time I looked out I actually didn't see anyone. But then I wasn't trying to be too nosy today. I did see the moving van leave though.

My mom leaves on Monday for her three week vacation visiting my sister in Georgia, flying out from Las Vegas. The day before is the wedding of one of my uncle's nieces in Vegas so everyone, except for me, is going to be there those two days. Me, I'll be holding down the fort and watching my aunt's dog those two days. What will I do for three weeks all alone here? Party!!

Ok, that was a test. You should have laughed your head off knowing damn well I'll probably be parking my arse in front of my 'puter playing the Sims or something similarly uninteresting.
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    Do As Infinity - "Shinjitsu No Shi"