August 13th, 2004


claim of alien craft debris found in Tunguska

Members of a special expedition researching the site of the famous Tunguska meteorite fall have claimed they had discovered parts of an extraterrestrial device.

The expedition, organized by the Siberian Public State Foundation “Tunguska Space Phenomenon” completed its work on the scene of Tunguska meteorite fall on August 9. It was the first expedition to the region since 2000. Guided by the space photos, the researchers scanned a wider territory in the vicinity of the Poligusa village for parts of the space object that crashed into Earth in 1908 and was later called the Tunguska meteorite.

The scientists claim that they found remains of an extraterrestrial technical device that allegedly had an accident in Siberia in 1908. They also say that they found the so called “deer stone” - an artifact repeatedly mentioned in the reports of the eyewitnesses of the Tunguska phenomenon. A part of the “deer stone” has been delivered to Krasnoyarsk for research.

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Mmm... yeah. If true this would be exciting news but I'm waiting for more credible corroboration.
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go granny!

DUBLIN, N.H. (Aug. 12) - "I am not a nice old lady," Doris "Granny D" Haddock says, wheezing slightly as she walks up a road near her home. The 94-year-old relishes adventure and near-impossible challenges - once walking across the country despite emphysema brought on by a half-century of smoking.

Now Haddock has taken on another Herculean task: She is trying to unseat Republican Sen. Judd Gregg, one of New Hampshire's most popular politicians.Collapse )

Haddock vehemently opposes the war in Iraq, and calls Gregg "an enabler of George Bush's neo-con scourge." The daughter of a warehouse worker, she decries the flight of good jobs overseas that is making us "a nation of Wal-Mart greeters."

"I am the angry grandmother come off my porch to ask young Judd what in the world he is thinking when he supports Bush's military misadventures, supports the transfer of billions of our tax dollars to billionaires and supports the shipping of our jobs overseas," Haddock said in announcing her candidacy this summer.Collapse ) -- By BEVERLEY WANG, AP
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