August 27th, 2004


DVDs, game play and 49er suckage

I forgot to mention I added a page with a list of my DVDs. Like I had mentioned to the_metatron previously even though my collection is small I do keep a database on them including the info shown on the page as well as: the cost, a rating, and an indicator if they're being lent out (2 of them are currently.)

I had looked for the game 1503 A.D. locally but could never find it, so, on Monday I ordered it via It was supposed to be shipped out Wednesday and get here sometime between Monday and Wednesday of next week. Well, it got here this Wednesday. Quickity quick. I got the game despite knowing there was no scenario or game editor and no available cheats -- usually the kiss of death for me. But I found out modifying three bytes in one of the DLLs enables some cheats. Plus, I've been cracking open the format of the save files. I've written some quick utilities to change the amount of money for any of the players as well as setting the amount of items in all the warehouses of all the cities, ship holds and scout packs. There's still a lot of info I haven't figured out though.

The 49ers have played three preseason games so far and have lost them all. While the preseason isn't indicative of what will happen in the regular season, I have a feeling I'd better get used to the 49ers losing for a long time. *sigh*
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