August 29th, 2004


a bit from last night's dream

I remember being in a resort-type hotel, but not one of the Vegas behemoths. From the outside it seemed just a few stories high but inside was much taller.

I was in a small suite. The suite opened into an area with a huge comfy couch and TV. To the left was a small table with two chairs. Adjacent to that was a counter-top high fridge, microwave, and hot plate. To the right the door to the bathroom. On the back wall in the middle was the door to the bedroom plus another door in the righthand corner. I remember walking into the bedroom and immediately heard some strange noises. That's when I saw several monsters from Quake2 throughout the room -- but all 4 inches tall. Still, I was scared and jumped on the bed before I realized I really didn't have antything to be frightened of. That's when I smiled, stood up on the bed and leaped... onto a Hellchick, squishing her. I killed off the other monsters too.

I went back into the main room and went through that door on the right. It opened into a short hall with a door to the room next door and then it turned into a tight spiral staircase that went down it seemed two floors which in turn opened into a movie theater. There was a movie running but it was ending. When the lights came on everyone walked down towards the screen where the doors were. Everyone seemed to know each other and were talking in loose groups. There was one Latina, late 40's with her hair in a bob, who was carrying a good-sized box which fell. I helped her pick up the books that had been inside and told her I'd carry it for her to her car. Big mistake. After exchanging a few innocent questions she started to flirt with me, a little at first then outrageously and shamelessly. ?!?! I started to panic but luckily someone she knew came up and started talking to her. So, I took the opportunity to set the box down and flee.

I somehow ended-up on the outside by the entrance to the lobby. I went inside and headed right. There was a big aquarium display behind the check-in area (sort of like at the Mirage but bigger) but didn't stop to look. Instead, I kept going and went through some doors into a fish/aquarium store. Rows and rows and rows of tropical fish. It was like Heaven. I don't know how long I spent there but I had a mental list a mile long of fish I wanted to buy. That's the last I remember.
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dark phoenix, righteous babe, consume the universe


The very last thing I want to see when I first turn on the TV is a commercial about vaginal itch and odor. Yuck.
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