September 5th, 2004



Woke this morning feeling hot with my head achy and my throat feeling someone scraped it with sandpaper. I turned on cooler, splashed myself with water and stood under the air to cool off. Took some Excedrin which killed the headache quickly. The sore throat I just waited out and it faded, though it's feeling like it might come back.

Realized this morning that I missed watching Big Brother 5 last night. I ended up going to the website and read the episode synopsis. I was hoping for Cowboy to be gone this week and then Marvin the next, but Marvin was voted out this week. Nakomis may not want to put her half-bro (Cowboy) up on the block (as other than a decoy) but it's getting to the point where she may have to.

Waded through the plug-in extensions at Mozdev for Firefox last night. I choose to install two. Sage, a light-weight RSS/ATOM feed reader, and Mozilla Calendar, so maybe now I won't keep forgetting everything all the time. I have a calendar on my wall but where it's placed it's awkward to get to to write on it.

Scrapped three journal designs I'd been playing with and started to rework an old one from 2002 but then came across a Blogger one I like that I might convert to S2.
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