September 29th, 2004


minus a tooth

I'd been keeping the pain of the toothache at bay with prescription 800mg Ibuprofen which worked just fine until Monday evening. Then it just stopped working. Period. Come Tuesday morning I decided I had to see my dentist, so I called but he was at his practice in a neighboring town that day. The receptionist said she could get me in there but I didn't have a means of getting to the location, so, she scheduled me in today when they opened. But that left me with the pain, and everything I tried didn't work. So I went low-tech: whisky. A little bit on the tooth dulled the pain for about a half hour which I repeated for 4 hours. No, I didn't drink any of it. A friend of my mom suggested using Alleve which, by <diety of choice>, worked like a charm. I definitely recommend this for a toothache.

I arrived at the dentist at 8:00 but didn't get to see him until 8:30. He looked at the x-ray and said the tooth was dead. He started talking about doing a root canal, which I've had done before and wasn't a big deal, but I said no. Just pull the damn tooth. He nodded and numbed me up good. He started the procedure... and kept going and going. Apparently this was the most stubborn tooth he's ever dealt with but he got it out. The tech put gauze in the spot and had me bite down on it to start clotting but I was clotting sloooowly. I got two scripts: one an antibiotic and the other a painkiller. The scripts got called into the pharmacy at the store where my mom works so she brought those home with her as well as some Ensure shakes/drinks.

When I got home I had laid down in bed to read a bit of a book but I ended up sleeping for 3 hours. I've had no pain from the tooth spot so far but I do my jaw, which was already hurting before it got manhandled during the extraction.
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