October 31st, 2004


so I ended up in the hospital on Thursday

Ever since I got my tooth pulled I've been feeling like my heart has been racing and every once in a while I'd get a brief chest pressure. It wasn't often but on Wednesday evening I got it every time I started to fall asleep, so much so I didn't sleep at all. Thursday I got them again and got worried enough I decided to make a doctors appointment, hopefully for right then. But everyone was full up and then I felt another pressure, extremely brief but it took my breath away, so, to the emergency room I went. I first talked to the triage nurse and then was sent to a room where I was gowned, my pulse and heart rate measured. Then later my blood taken and had to give a urine sample -- of course I had just used the bathroom beforehand. Then at the bed I was given an x-ray, not of my chest but mid-abdomen. Minutes later I was wheeled to a lab room specifically for x-rays and was given another. Then I had to wait. And wait. The doc said they tried to exclude things like my liver, which was fine, and that I was sans hyperthyroid. He said my heart rate was just a little faster than normal. I was borderline high blood pressure and was given a 15-day script of Inderol for that. Actually he said my pressure was higher when I got there but it had calmed a bit. He questioned me about stress but I couldn't think of anything offhand. He said he wanted me to see a cardiologist, there being two in town. Now, about the stress, as I said I couldn't think of any but now I'm worried about the hospital bill seeing as I don't have medical insurance plus thinking how much a cardiologist might charge. Oh, and my uncle who sees the better of the two cardiologist says he thinks the doc doesn't take patients without insurance. Great. Hopefully, he's wrong or the other doc does. Otherwise I'm in trouble. *sigh*

All of this I'm thinking is directly the result of my weight, which though has been higher (303 about 5 years ago) is still too high. I had started a diet, one that's not radical. Basically, I cut out bad things like sweets and most importantly: sodas and other caffeinated drinks. I'm trying to stay away from things high in sodium. Everything else I eat like I used to but only half as much or sometimes 1/3rd. Plus, I take a multi-vitamin every day. It's working very slowly. Back in June or July I mentioned we got a new scale. At that time I weighed 283. Now I'm just under 260. I don't have a long term goal simply because it's focusing on that which has always caused me to fail before, so now I think in terms of 10 pounds. My goal right now is 250. If I can reach that then I'll think of 240.