November 2nd, 2004


get off your butt and vote

...assuming you're American and are eligible of course. If there's just one important thing you need to do this year, this is it.

I got to my polling place a half hour after it opened. There were just five people between me and the register roll but I wish there had been more. That might be because there was an incredibly hot army guy in fatigues in front of me who looked like he just stepped off a farm in Nebraska. *thoughts wandering towards naughty things* Anyway, there was a second line after that waiting for the touch screen machines to open. While I was still at the desk I noticed a stack of optical paper ballots so I decided to use that instead, wanting my vote to have a paper trail. Apparently, I was the first person so far to use a paper ballot. One of the polling ladies had to go in the back area and get another stack of ballots since it took two different sheets for the full ballot, but I got them, cast my vote and turned it into the ballot box while the army guy was still in the same place in line waiting for a machine to open up.
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