November 28th, 2004


fitting better in pants

Yeah, I know I haven't done part 3 of the medical update but I'll get to that in a day or two. Meanwhile...

I was looking through the last Wal*Mart advert on Friday and saw some flannel sleep pants that I liked. I mentioned this to my mom and she said lets go look, so we went. Right off the bat I found two pair that I liked so my mom buys them for me. Cool. But later at home when I tried them on (no, I didn't try them on in the store) I found them long (no big deal, they could be hemmed) and very baggy. I had naturally gotten the 2x/3x sized pants. So today we took them back and I tried on the XL ones (sized 40-42.) They are just a tad long but fit well enough that even if the shrink a bit on their first wash they'll be comfortable. Better yet, being these are "normal" sized they were $2 cheaper each. I've been wearing my size 42 jeans for the last two weeks, before that I was wearing 46s. These size 42 pants I had buried deep in box which I almost threw away figuring I'd never fit in again.

This all being due to my losing what weight I have. At the doctor's office on the 21st, the very first thing they did was weigh me. Fully dressed, I came in at 249 lbs and I've lost 2 pounds since. The significance of this? I haven't weighed this less since my first semester of college here in town back in '89. I had weighed 253 then. Heck, when I graduated from high school I was 233 which isn't too far away. I expect any future weight loss to be slow though. Maybe a pound or hopefully two a week. It'll probably seem glacially slow to me but I know that's a realistic pace and I can do it without starving/depriving myself. Sure, it'll take me a year to get where I eventually would like to be but I'll get there, barring any other medical happenings of course.
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