December 4th, 2004


new style, tomorrow, & got my meds

Changed journal styles, just because. The snowman in the background should show through but on Internet Explorer it doesn't. Microsoft, being Microsoft, decided not to support alpha channel transparency in PNGs. Bleh. Works fine in Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Heading to Victorville tomorrow with my mom. Back on Tuesday I tried vacuuming but after three swipes on the floor it died. Luckily, we got the extended warrantee. I know some people think they're a waste but for us, with one exception, we've always had to use them. That exception is my current computer. And wouldn't you know it, three days after the warrantee expired in October my power supply fan at times now sounds like a Cessna plane taking off. Also, we'll head to the Mall, pick up some more water (bottled) where my mom works, and probably make a stop at Costco.

Got my blood pressure meds yesterday, finally. It wasn't until later that evening I noticed a warning label on the bottle saying to take the meds with food. Now, the previous two times I got the prescription filled at other places there was no warning of this type. Hmm.
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