December 15th, 2004


*pokes his head out of his den*

Not much exciting happening lately other than giving myself a haircut yesterday. I didn't clip as much as I usually do on top.

I called the ARMC this morning to see if I could get my chest x-ray done on the same day I'm going in for my CT scan. The lady I talked to said it was a walk-in procedure, so, sure. Just bring my referral with me.

I didn't care much for Avril Lavigne's first album but I'm liking her "Under My Skin" muchly.
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    Avril Lavigne - "Nobody's Home"


Elyse, from America's Next Top Model Season 1, has a LJ account --> elysesewell! I'm finding her posts and pictures from Asia interesting. Some of the bits are odd but funny like in this one post:

"... Fatal missteps like that happen all too often, but on the plus side I've become an authority on Convenient fare phylogeny. It's really not that complicated considering the limited diversity. Take Class Styrofoamcupperiformes for example. It contains three Orders: Instant Noodata, the abovementioned Foil Packetata, and the primitive Freezedriedoptera. Immediately preconsumption, every Styrofoamcupperiformes species is soupish in constitution and warm to the touch, though factors such as method of consumption (chopsticks? inadequately sized spork?) and artificial colorings may vary greatly between Orders. Instant Noodata is relatively innocuous and can be explored by the lay Conveniologist with minimal risk: as in nature, members of this order announce toxicity to potential predators with lurid coloring and foul odors which can be detected through shrinkwrap. Most species of Freezedriedoptera are now extinct; one must plumb the depths of bottom shelves to find a dusty example of "Potatoes Soup" or "Corn Potage". These are generally best avoided; however, it is notable that reconstitued forms of this class can be encountered in both vending-machine and refrigerated habitats. Lastly, members of Foil Packetata should be consumed with the utmost caution and only after consultation with a physician. Myriad venomous species lurk innocently among the more delicious varieties, and sketchy external markings can make positive identification impossible. ..."
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