December 22nd, 2004


today's happenings...

I first woke up at 4am, saw what time it was and went back to bed only to wake up an hour later. I dragged my butt out of bed, had some cereal and took my first blood pressure pill (20mg Propranolol). I tried going back to bed for a while but after a half-hour I gave up. I didn't shower until 9am and had a bit of yesterday's leftovers after that. I knew I wanted to eat something because: #1, I'd get car-sick if something wasn't in my tummy, and #2, I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything from 11am until after my CT scan at 3pm. My mom and I left just after 10am and stopped in Victorville (30 miles away) to gas up at Costco then continued on to ARMC in Colton.

We arrived around 11:40am. We made our way to Radiology and I checked in (for the x-rays), signed a consent form and waited to be called. That took 5 minutes. The lady tech took 3 x-rays of my chest; two from the front and one from the side. I was out of there in minutes. I had expected there to be a lot of people and having to wait at least an hour to get called.

Now I had over 2 hours to kill, so, we drove 17 miles away to the Ontario Mills mall. I'd been there twice before but my mom hadn't so we just walked around, stopping at just a few stores. I got four books at Foozles Bookstore: Deborah Chester's "The Chalice", Dennis Danvers' "Circuit Of Heaven", Peter Garrison's "The Magic Dead", and Angus Wells' "The Usurper". All for under $10. Score! After almost getting on the wrong highway (I-15 instead of I-10) we made our way back to ARMC for my CT scan.

I checked in again at the same place just after 2:20pm and sat down to read while I waited to be called. I had only read 10 pages when a male tech called my name. When we got to the scan room he had me take off my glasses and had me lay down on the bed of the scanner. Then informed me he was going to inject me with an contrasting agent. Ugh. Not what I wanted to hear, and yes, the needle hurt. I didn't get the metallic taste in the back of my mouth that sometimes occurs from the agent but I did get the warming sensation. The scan itself once it started took maybe 10 minutes and I was out of there just after 3pm. We were going to head back to Barstow but stopped in Victorville to use the bathroom, and since we were there we decided to stop to eat, at Steer & Stein this time -- a place I hadn't been before. I had the teriyaki chicken, rice pilaf and salad. The food was decent but I don't think I'd go back again. I'd prefer to go to the Olive Garden or Applebee's. When we got back in the car I took my second blood pressure pill for the day. The ride home was uneventful.
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