December 26th, 2004


So on Xmas day...

Christmas morning started by trying to call my sister on the phone but got no answer. I figured maybe she was at church or together with the in-laws for brunch or lunch. I was going to call my dad but got distracted, only to have him call me a half hour after I tried my sister. My dad calling me? In the morning no less? How odd! I tried calling my friend J but I forgot that he and the BF went out of town. Finally got a hold of my sister a bit later. It turns out they were home but she was asleep the time. They had gone to church the night before and unknown to me they had their family dinner on Thursday because two of the nephews(-in-law) were there in town then (from Jersey and Texas) so it was just them (my sis, bro-in-law and nephew) by themselves that day.

Mostly loafed at home until just before 3pm when I showered and mom made a few things to take to the family dinner down my aunt's and uncle's house. There were eleven of us this year. Me, my mom, my aunt and uncle, their son (on leave from the Air Force, stationed in Germany), their daughter and her two children, their next door neighbor and her two small (and cute) kids. And, of course, the dog. Lots and lots of food: turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, candied yams, green bean salad, freshly-baked bread, pies and cakes. And being my family, there was tons of sarcasm and put-downs. Even the neighbor got into the tit-for-tat insult mode.

She, btw, is South Korean. Her husband is in the military stationed somewhere here in the states but he got injured. I really don't know the details about that though. I got to see some pictures on Xmas Eve of when they lived in Georgia and her kids were very young. She really sweet but sometimes people have taken advantage of her because of that.

Most of the presents I got were of my favorite kind (read: money). Oh, and early that morning we gave a gift to our neighbor upstairs and she gave one to us each right back. My mom, a shirt; me, some low-carb chocolate candy.
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